Camp Descriptions

Olympics Week

Come for the gold at J Star Summer camp’s Olympic games week. Show your team spirit at crazy fun Olympic events like the long jump, balloon toss and much more. Create your team flag, design your team shirts and make up an awesome team cheer. How many medals will you earn at our week ending medal ceremony?!?!?

Pirate Week

Grab your favorite first mates for Pirate week. Go on a wild treasure hunt, learn to walk the plank and learn to talk like a pirate – arg! Come join us for pirate crafts, games and crazy pirate fun all week long!!!

Circus Week

Come clown around with us and all your friends at Circus week. We will have a real life circus performer on staff to teach us what it takes to perform under the big  top. Crafts, circus make-up crazy circus acts and circus games will make you feel like you are the main act in the center ring!!!

Rock Star Week

You can party like a rock star and you will during Rock-star week!!! We will get rock star make overs, sing your favorite karaoke with your friends and put on a rockin’ talent show to end the week. rock and roll crafts, cool activities and fun that will make you feel like you are a real rock star!

Superhero/Disney Princess Week

Your going up, up and away to a far away land during Superhero/Disney Princess week. Create a superhero with your own superpower or your very own beautiful princess and her magic kingdom. Design and make a cape or tiara to wear as you save the city or rule your castle. 

Survivor Week

At J Star summer camps Survivor week you will never get voted off our island but you will work with your friends to survive our crazy competitions. timed drills, crazy races, and intense contests that will challenge your inner survivor. Fun crafts, new survival skills and a silly ceremony to finish out the week. Will you survive?!?!?